Real Life Experiences — Welcome to The Midwife Diary

The experience of having a baby cannot be explained...

Woman holding her newborn baby in hospital bed
Woman holding her newborn baby in hospital bed
Midwives are first to see, first to touch and first to care, when it comes to newborn babies.
It is such a great privilege, a position of great responsibility. It is also a stature of honour and respect, that a woman would allow the midwife to handle both she and her newborn without limitation.

For this reason, midwives aim to always improve the experience of the mother during ante and post-natal clinics, and ultimately during delivery and recovery.

Midwife Diary is a gift from midwives to mums and dads.

By narrating their experiences and observations, midwives relay important messages of counsel to parents. Many of the stories carried here are about occurences in the delivery room. Many are about things that could have gone better, with some fore-knowledge. Yet many others are about the celebration of success after major challenges.

If you are a parent reading The Midwife Diary, it’s time to hear it in practical terms.

If you are a midwife who contributes to this course, God bless you!

Stories from the Midwives Diary

Cord Prolapse-When the cord doesn’t wait for its turn

Working in a busy maternity offers interesting as well as very stressful incidences. There are always two lives to take care of; the mother’s and that of the baby. Ensuring that both are alive a...Read More

Prolapsed Cord

I was doing some paperwork at the maternity’s reception desk when 38 weeks pregnant, Judy, walked in at around midnight. ‘My waters have broken and I feel something is hanging out,’ ...Read More

Infected after an abortion

On 10th January I was on duty when a young girl walked into our clinic in town. She introduced herself as Stella. At first she seemed somewhat scared and hostile and didn’t want to talk, but wit...Read More

Placenta fight- Bleeding, dropping blood pressure, restlessness, dizziness

I had just reported to night shift. This was my first day on night duty and I looked forward to seeing what the night had for me and my colleagues. An hour later, one of the women in labour, *Nelly Ro...Read More

Her Relatives With held Vital Information

A real life account as witnessed by a maternity nurse Mary was rushed into the hospital at around nine o’clock that night while I was on night duty. Her two relatives said it was an emergency an...Read More

Raptured Uterus – It could be avoided

In a busy labour-ward like the one where I work, there is always a lot of activity and no end of drama. The situation can really get out of hand as it happened this particular morning. The staff of a ...Read More

A double blessing

‘The midwife’s’ twins Lynette was heavily pregnant. She slowly shuffled into the ward alone, where the pleasant staff ushered her into the admission area. he informed the midwife tha...Read More

Yes, I want it natural

My typical working day as a midwife is always eventful. I remember one case that left me completely lost for words. 30 weeks pregnant, Joylynn was adamant to go through another Caesarean Section (CS)-...Read More

Men in the delivery room

Alex was a first time father looking forward to the birth of his first born child. He accompanied his wife Kate to the hospital when she was in the early stages of. labour. Aside from the obvious anti...Read More

Welcome to Midwife Diary

IF anyone has experience on the maternal frontline, it is the midwife. From planned deliveries such as C-section, to normal deliveries and stressful emergiencies, Midwives get to see and most importan...Read More

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